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The 8 week training program is progressive and interactive. Workouts are app-based and 

can be completed in your own time from home or your local gym. This program will get you

feeling fitter, faster and stronger. The difference between this program and other training

programs offered online is that you will be supported throughout the 8 weeks as part 

of a group of like-minded women from anywhere in the world. You will receive your

exercise demonstrations, reps sets & rest all on your phone! 

2 130 000 000 results come up when you search the word "diet" on google.


The healthier me program aims to empower you with nutrition and shift away from dieting because diets don't work. 

As a Registered Dietitian, Kirstin Sylvester understands that nutrition is complex and overwhelming. Everyone's relationship with food differs based on their culture, habits, upbringing, and so much more. 


The 8-week program allows you an opportunity to learn more about the basics of nutrition and develop a relationship with Kirstin to begin working on your individual needs and goals so that you can be empowered around food. 



1 x Basics of macronutrients E-Book 

1 x Restaurant/ Take-out E-Book 

1 x One-day example meal plan with guidance on adapting as nobody sticks to 

dieting 24/7 ~ Life happens! Kirstin aims to teach you how to approach nutrition when asked out to dinner, go to a friends' house for a braai and much more while still reaching your goals. 

3 x 30-minute virtual consultations 

8 x Nutritious recipe cards ~ Healthy eating should taste delicious!


Access to our mobile app with features which include: 

  • Nutrition goals with daily habit tracking 

  • Meal plans and E-Books delivered in PDF format to your personal profile on the app for easy accessibility 

  • Track your meals and macronutrients (Fitbit or MyFitnessPal app integrations) 


The total cost for the 8-week combined nutrition and exercise program is R1599.00. 

However, the contents are valued beyond R3483.00! 


Sign up today, and you save R1884.00!!


Starting Date 28' March 2022  |  Limited Spots Available 



Combination of workout program & nutrition plan - Start Date - 28'March 2022

R1 599,00Price