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Pregnancy is wonderful, scary, exciting and a time when you want to look after yourself more than ever before. You are now caring for two of you and your body is going through all sorts of changes – a growing bump, an influx of weird and wonderful pregnancy hormones, softened ligaments and the list goes on. By staying active and strong throughout the nine months, you can help your body to accommodate these changes and stay as pain-free and comfortable as possible.

Together we can work out a plan to keep you moving throughout these nine months and enjoy your pregnancy as much as possible.

This program run’s on a monthly subscription basis where you can sign up at any time of your pregnancy with your doctor's clearance and stop at any time when it is unsafe for you. 


You're Pregnant!


Time to get diapers and a FIT MOM BODY!!


I get it.

Pregnancy has you feeling tired, weighed down and out of shape. You are so ready for more energy and a FIT pregnancy!

This is perfect for you if...

  • You have no energy to workout because you're pregnant.

  • You've saved workouts on Pinterest, but they're too hard to do with your belly.

  • You're exhausted from being pregnant & you're dreading a long workout.

  • You're desperate to have more energy and feel strong!



  • You didn't have to worry about gaining extra weight.

  • You could feel fit & strong during your pregnancy.

  • Exercise could be easy & fun from conception to birth!

  • You could be pain and discomfort free all the way till the end of your pregnancy. 


What's included:

When you enroll in Fit Pregnancy Program you will receive:

+ Workouts with video demonstrations

+ Workouts for each trimester

+ Prenatal Core workouts

+ Pregnancy guideline PDF to download and keep

+ Nutrition PDF by Registered Dietician Kirstin Sylvester 

+ Motivation & Accountability to keep going!

This program is designed for healthy women who are having normal pregnancies. As always, it is a must to be cleared for exercise by your doctor. Program designed by Prenatal + Postnatal Certified Trainer Carla Conradie.

Pregnancy Workout Program