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Workout program created by Personal trainer Carla Conradie.


The 8 week training program is progressive and interactive. Workouts are app based and can be completed in your own time from home or your local gym. This program will get you feeling fitter, faster and stronger. The difference between this program and other training programs offered online is that you will be supported throughout the 8 weeks as part of a group of like minded women from anywhere in the world. You will receive your exercise demonstrations, reps, sets & rest all on your phone! 


During this time together we are going to be: 

– Changing our mindsets towards exercise forever 

– Sweat together virtually (on & off screen) 

– Get glowing from inside and out 

– Build a community and connect with a bunch of like-minded women – Get to ENJOY and LOVE taking care of our bodies 


This challenge includes: 

– 8 weeks progressive overload training program

– Blend of strength, cardio, hiit and yoga/stretching workout days. 

– 3 different program options (Make sure this program fits YOUR goals) – Professional exercise demonstrations. 

– Warm up & Cool downs. 

– App based progress tracker. 

– Community facebook group where you get to motivate, encourage and support each other. 


Starting Date 28' March 2022 | Limited Spots Available 

Workout plan only - Program Start Date - 28' March 2022